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Melodie MacNeil






Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States

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A Bit About Me

            I started my accounting journey during the 2009-2010 winter season at Central Washington University located in the small town of Ellensburg, WA. Like many individuals who start college, I had no idea what direction I would take my education. I loved every accounting and math class I ever participated in, but I did not envision myself as an accountant. I was not drawn to public accounting and had many doubts as to whether this industry would provide me a career that I could support family life, family goals, and happiness.

            Despite these fears, I loved the challenges of accounting principals. In college I became one of the first members of the newly formed Beta Alpha Psi honors organization in the Nu Epsilon chapter. I led a small group of like-minded individuals through an ethics project from Grant Thornton that earned our organization a scholarship!

            Among these community events and volunteer opportunities, I began to grow my family. Life events and personal preferences led me to transfer my studies to Colorado Technical University Online where I graduated with honors in May 2016. Following my graduation, I had the opportunity to perform basic bookkeeping duties for a small non-profit organization. It was during this time that I felt there was a completely different world of opportunity, technology, and functionality in this industry. These methodologies not only limited the timeliness of financial data, but it was a full time job. My passion for bookkeeping surpasses mundane data entry and limited creativity. I decided to take a short break from bookkeeping and focus my passion on tax preparation where I worked with a local tax accountant on a season basis. This was a thrilling experience for me to continue building on the knowledge that I had as a bookkeeping professional.

            With over 6 years of professional bookkeeping experience, and 5 years as the owner of MP Bookkeeping Solutions, I look forward to continue delivering high quality virtual bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses for many years to come!

Melodie MacNeil

Work Experience

Central Washington University


  • Grade: 3.6 GPA

  • Activities and societies: Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Sigma Lambda

MP Bookkeeping 

President & Owner


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